Birel / Freeline Front Brake Caliper Rebuild

This is very similar to the rear rebuild so I kept this one slightly more brief. Look back at the other rebuilds if you get lost.

Tools Needed:

  • 3mm Hex
  • 4mm Hex
  • 8mm socket
  • 12mm Wrench
  • Pliers
  • O-ring pick

Parts Needed:

  • Assembly fluid
  • Birel / Freeline Front Caliper Rebuild Kit #10.6370.00 (One for each)


  1. Remove the four screws from the brake pads using a 4mm hex wrench.
  2. Loosen the brake guide and set it aside. Mine was a 4mm hex bolt with a 8mm nut on one end. My rebuild kit came with the newer pin style so yours may vary. Set the brakes aside to avoid getting brake fluid on the pads.
  3. Disconnect the brake line using a 12mm wrench.
  4. Remove the bleed screw using a 3mm hex wrench and drain the fluid.
  5. Remove all the safety clips and through pins then pull off the brake cylinder.
  6. Take out the screws holding the springs on using a 4mm hex wrench.
  7. Next pull the brake arms out of the aluminum casing.
  8. Disconnect the other safety clips on the arms and pull out the pins.
  9. Pull the brake cylinder apart and take out the o-rings using a pick.

Now everything that everything is disassembled, clean the parts not included in the rebuild kit and put everything back together in the order it was removed.

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